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ZuccheroRoncocesi Adelmo Fornaciari was born in Reggio Emilia (Italy) on September 25, 1955 but moved to Forte dei Marmi in Tuscany, where he formed his first rhythm and blues groups using the name of Zucchero (Tsúkero - sugar in Italian) I had one of his teachers. The son of peasants, is still closely tied to their land but lives in Tuscany.

Live music. Going on tour with Sugar & Daniel (Daniel is the lead singer, while Zucchero plays guitar and saxophone) until 1978, when it forms the Sugar & Candies, for which start writing songs. Although his true love is the blues, when he writes songs for others, tries to follow the Italian music.

In 1983 he finally recorded his first album, "Un po 'di Zucchero." The album "Zucchero & Randy Jackson Band" (Polydor) represents the starting point for an extraordinary climbing staff. Since then it has not stopped. With "Bluesugar" reached its ninth album, with sales of record ("Gold, Incense & Birra" 1989 has been the best selling album in the history of the Italian song) and has achieved good positions in the charts overseas . With a genre rather original, unpublished result of contamination between black music and melody Mediterranean, which has become popular abroad to all audiences.Zucchero
The album "Miserere" was released in English and Italian. The album's title track is a duet with Luciano Pavarotti. With the album "Spirito di Vino" captures the essence of the music of the Mississippi area.

In 1996 published a compilation with their best songs, which is placed at the top of the charts, with over 3 million copies sold.

In early 2001, Zucchero and Corrado Rustici collaborate in the creation of a new album, "Shake" and in 2005 released their album "Zu & Co", a duet album in the stars alongside the likes of Miles Davis John Lee Hooker, Tom Jones, Sting, Ronan Keating, Cheb Mami, Dolores O'Riordan, Paul Young, Maná, Brian May and others.

In 2007, was released "Fly", an album with songs for all tastes, themes for dance as calmer.
Is currently on tour with his latest album Chocabeck.

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