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Llandel Veguilla Malavé Salazar, better known by his stage name Yandel, is an urban singer who was part of the “Duo of History” Wisin y Yandel. He was born in Cayey, Puerto Rico, on January 14, 1977, as the son of Julio Veguilla and Lucy Malavé. He released his first solo album Quien Contra Me in September 2003, and his second solo album De Líder a Leyenda was released in November 2013, which was certified as Gold in the Latin category by the RIAA in 2014.

Yandel started in music when he met his schoolmate Wisin. They studied together in the same school and there was where for the first time in a competition of the school they got together to sing. Later they debuted in the world of reggaeton recording some songs in compilation albums. Yandel worked as a barber and Wisin trova singer.

They started acting as a duo in 1998. Yandel wrote his name as “Llandel” at the time. His debut album was in 2000 and was called Los Reyes del Nuevo Milenio. After that in 2003 they signed with the Universal Records subsidiary, Machete Music, to release the album Mi Vida … My Life. After that the duo established their own label under the name WY Records, with an affiliate group called Los Vaqueros. In November 2013, after his tour of the Leaders Tour, the duo gave the surprise that caused the news that the duo formed by Wisin and Yandel had made the decision to separate. After separation, Yandel continued to make successful tours and release new music.

For his part, Wisin assured that it was a separation that took place in a peaceful way because even with their individual projects, “we are more together than ever.” “I think that after 14, 15 years, it is necessary for the groups to reinvent themselves, to do different things, obviously with respect for one another and I believe Wisin and Yandel in that we have no problem.”

The Puerto Rican reggaeton Yandel released his first solo album, titled “From Leader to Legend”, which surpasses the stage of the “great challenge”, in which he made his way in the world of music without being accompanied by Wisin . “Doing the work as a soloist is a big challenge, but I know that with a lot of work, good music and public support, I will achieve it,” said Yandel. He added that it is a record of great energy and directed to all the people who are going through difficult and sad moments, because it will take a lot of energy. Although he has released his solo album, Yandel insists that the duo of “Wisin y Yandel exist,” because after 14 years as a duet continue with touring presentations, as well as his work as judges in the singing reality “La Voz … Mexico 3 “.

“This is the interesting thing, that our fans do not get discouraged with us, it’s just a moment for everyone to do their thing and be able to do what you want it to be healthy,” said the 36-year-old artist. The successful performer as “Abusadora”, “Sexy movement” and “Pegao” decided to release his solo album because he realized that there had come a time when he did not feel “comfortable” but rather “frustrated” with work team. Yandel’s new production includes collaborations with his brother Gadiel, as well as with artists like Daddy Yankee, J Alvarez, and Don Omar, with whom he recorded “Enamorado de ti”. The Puerto Rican noted that it was not professional jealousy that caused professional distancing on the part of the leaders, but by how the race of the duet was handled.