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Elán Swan Fernández, better known as Fyahbwoy or “El chico del fuego”, is a dancehall artist from Madrid, Spain, and a founding member of the Madrid Dancehall Crew (MDC) collective.

He began his artistic career in late 2005 when he wrote and recorded his first track, “Nuh Real Shotta”. At the beginning of 2006, the first model, “Ni chance ni try” (Cobra Studio / Musigrama, 2006), which contains 5 themes, was launched on the Internet in free download. Despite being a demo in a few months, it became one of the Most downloaded dancehall works nationwide and gets great impact in media with the video clips “Nuh Real Shotta” and “Alliance Not Trafficking” (Producciones BajoCero, 2006). Since then Fyahbwoy has toured different stages at festivals, concerts and festivals. It has carried out several actions at international level in Europe and Africa as well as in Latin America and the rest of the world.

In 2008 begins the creation of his first album under the name Swan Fyahbwoy and with the help of Mario Olivares “Daddy Cobra”. This LP began to be offered in free download the 1 of June of 2009 with the name of “Innadiflames” and in turn in digipack, an exclusive edition and limited exclusively for Supporters. These listeners contributed to the project of the disc contributing an amount from 12 euros, 2 model of financing repeated in his later album Extremely Flammable.3Innadiflames makes him a reference of the dancehall in Spain and allows him to make multitude of tours by Spain and Latin America .

From the launch of Innadiflames in 2009 to 2012 Fyahbwoy is dedicated to making concerts and contributing in collaborations of different national and international artists, where he has also achieved a great depth in each piece of music he has played.

Extremely Flammable, was released on April 20, 2012 (alongside the video clip Am a warrior), Extremely Flamabble contains sixteen audio tracks with different collaborations from both national and international singers.3 This disc maintains the same format as the previous one Innadiflames and its release came accompanied by the subsequent publication of a documentary produced by the same artist called Fyahbwoy presents: Extremely Flammable “The Documentary” which narrates both the process that gave birth to the album in Jamaica and his experiences on the island during the experience And his encounter with Jamaican artists related to reggae and dancehall. As with the rest of his works the documentary is available for free on youtube on the official Fyahbwoy channel.

His last album, Bl4qkfy4h, was released on April 20, 2015, which a few days before, premiered the video for the single “Tanto Por Ti”, on April 16, 2015; Shot in Kingston and Portland, at the world-famous “BLUE LAGOON” and at Winifred Beach. With music production by Daddy Cobra, recorded in Cobra Studio, and mixed in BigYard (Kingston, Jamaica) by Shane Brown. Video directed and realized by Hugo Costa (Dime Filmmakers).

July 15, 2015 premiered the third official video extracted from the last album of Fyahbwoy, (Bl4qkfy4h). The video was produced by Fyahbwoy Ent., Directed and edited by MRK and music by MRK.

Currently Swan Fyahbwoy is one of the greatest references of dancehall reggae not only in Spain but also internationally.

He participated in the “refugees welcome” event in Rivas Vaciamadrid, which was to raise aid for Haitian refugees along with Darmo, Iván Nieto, Xcese, Carmona, Dollar, Costa and many others.