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Alecia Beth Moore (born September 8, 1979 in Doylestown, Pennsylvania), better known by his stage name P! NK (also written as Pink), is a singer-songwriter who gained recognition in early 2000. It is often recognized for its unique and unorthodox sense of fashion and personal sound.

“At 15 I decided that I wanted to be one of those artists who sing love songs that mean nothing,” he says about the songs from their debut album. “I decided I was going to be myself the most, that my songs were going to reflect relationships I had, the things I went through and even the things that embarrass me.”

“My dad always played guitar and taught me the songs of Dylan and McLean,” Pink recalls. But his love of music left an indelible mark on it. “I sing since I have memory, I think before I learned to talk.” By the time he was a teenager Pink had navigated the precarious waters of the Philadelphia club scene. Any time when there was testing to school authorities was spent tearing the dance floor, and eventually, the stage.

“I met this guy named Skratch, who was the best dancer in Philadelphia when he was 13. I started dancing with him and I ended up singing backing vocals for his rap group, the Schools Of Thought. I wrote my own songs about how lived in Philadelphia. We took the stage at clubs and we were waiting for studies to record some songs. At that time making music was my medicine. “

Pink drew inspiration from artists like Janis Joplin, the Supremes, Shirley Murdock, Donna Hathaway and Madonna, and wrote her first song at age 14. “The Friday night went to Club Fever, where the DJ let me work for some time. My five minutes every Friday was all he wanted in life. I loved being on stage.” One of those Friday a representative of MCA was the club to find a singer to complete his new group of R & B. He liked the sound of Pink and asked him to audition for a group called Basic Instinct. Pink got the job immediately, but the group ended in nothing.

However, another group was elected as one of its three main female singers. This group, called Choice, immediately signed to LaFace. The group did not last long, since one of the girls wanted to sing tracks from Broadway, another wanted to make alternative records and Pink wanted to do everything. During his stay in Atlanta with Choice, Pink rediscovered her composition skills and joined Darryl Simmons. “He asked me to write the chorus to” Just to Be Loving You “. I loved that I asked, because nobody had asked me if I made up. So I closed my eyes and left. Writing that was the beginning of my career .

It was also the beginning of Pink’s powerful soprano voice that is capable of sudden drops and turns through multiple octaves. “It was good to emulate the sounds of others. But the day we recorded” Just to Be Loving You “for Choice in the studio I just sang, no matter how it sounded.”

Pink began writing songs to show their vocal ability and love for the pop side of R & B. When he went to LA Reid with his songs, he was stunned. “I sang my songs and asked her how she looked. And he said that sounded like singles. And since then everything has gone well with him.” Reid Pink hire as a solo artist and hooked up with other artists to compose, from She’kspeare to Babyface.

In 2000 he released his first solo album titled Can not Take Me Home, which included songs like “There You Go,” “Most Girls.”

The launch achieved worldwide fame as the participation in the version of “Lady Marmalade” with Christina Aguilera, Mya, Lil ‘Kim and Missy Elliot for the soundtrack of the film Moulin Rouge!.

In 2001 he released his album M! ssundaztood, which included songs like “Get the Party Started,” “Do not let me get me” and “Just like a pill” and a cameo on “Misery” by Steven Tyler .

Its theme Get The Party Started, invaded the dance floors around the world, sounded a lot in the media of music, but still, the second single entitled Do not Let Me Get Me, stole the expectations of first single and it was held for several weeks in major music charts in both the United States and Mexico and Europe.

The 2003 is not left behind, has already become one of the indispensable voices of global rock Pink appeared with his new album “Try This”, which brought more than his own.

With songs like “Trouble” or “God is a DJ” that sounded in all stations and made this album another great success.

In January of 2006 (April), Pink released her new CD called I’m Not Dead. The first single, “Stupid Girls” was released months before the album’s release.

Pink is already an icon of Girl Power, and although his real name is Alecia Moore, has always been recognized as a little Pink, although no one knows the origin of this nickname. Some say it’s because they get very Pink when she is embarrassed, others say that once in college she lifted her skirt and panties were who brought roses, and others say that it is in honor of the character Mr. Pink in the movie Quentin Tarantino’s “Reservoir Dogs.” But two things are certain: that the reason his name is not her hair, but this is something to remember her.