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Marco Antonio Muñiz Ruiz Rivera was born on September 16, 1968 in New York, but has Puerto Rican ancestry. He is known by his stage name Marc Anthony.

Marc Anthony has sold over 11 million albums and has won several awards with Gold and Platinum Records from the hands of “Recording Industry Association of America” ​​(RIAA).

It is one of the most influential artists of his generation. Not only is the singer of tropical music that has sold more albums in his career, but also is a talented and recognized actor.

Marc Anthony grew up listening to rock and rhythm & blues, and began singing in English clubs in New York.
In 1993 released his first Spanish album “Another note,” followed by “All in good time” (1995). In 1998 he received his first Grammy by producing tropical “Upstream” (1997) and in 2002 obtained several Billboard Awards in the categories of “Top Latin Albums / Artist of the Year” and “Tropical Salsa / Album of the Year – Male for “Free” (2001).

Marc Anthony also triumphed in the Anglo world. In 1994 Marc Anthony released an album in English, entitled “Marc Anthony” with which sold over 2 million copies, and in 2002 published “Mended” with which sold over 1.3 million copies worldwide.

Marc Anthony In 2006 he published “still me”, an album with his greatest hits in Spanish and two new songs recorded especially for this work: “What does not say” and “much is the sky.” The album mixes pop both his side as a sauce, including a duet with his wife of the time, Jennifer Lopez in “Do not love me.”

In 2007 appears “Singer” album of the film of the same style who also plays the singer. In this film, Marc Anthony plays Hector Lavoe “Singer”, the legendary Puerto Rican artist, one of the leading figures of tropical music and salsa who died of AIDS in 1993. It was released on July 24 of that year under the Sony label and remained at the No.1 spot in sales for six consecutive weeks and is still one of the best-selling albums between 2007-2009.

In 2010 launches “Icons”, a very intimate album of ballads, with songs sung previously by other artists, with whom he begins a concert tour that will take you to travel around America.

In 2011 began the Tour Dos Mundos Latin America with a concert by Alejandro Fernandez.

Now with “Icons” reaffirms his stature as an artist and international success.

In 2012, Marc Anthony has started Gigant3s Tour 2012, with Chayanne and Marco Antonio Solis.

Apart from his artistic side, Marc Anthony has also been highlighted by his charitable work as the work he did for the victims of Hurricane George, for which established a foundation bearing his name.