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India Martínez is an artist with a special charm. Her way of interpreting dazzles in short distances and captures in large audiences, and has made her an artist brimming with femininity, talent and mystery. India is always that rapturous voice and that essentially flamenco and pop cocktail that has catapulted her as an essential artist.

In 2012 he achieved his first Gold Record with Thirteen Truths, which was for 48 weeks on the list of best sellers in Spain. It is an album that India understands as a mixture of cultures and world music. “The Hindu, the Arab, the flamenco … I do not want to have any frontiers,” he said. What better example than Beating Love, a song that mixes the root and the contemporary in a different fusion.

“Camino de la buena suerte” was an album in which the Cordovan regained the role as author. Without losing its Andalusian roots, the album, which was Disco de Oro, is imbued with the music and experiences lived in the different countries to which it traveled, claimed to promote its songs. Mainly from America, like Mexico and Colombia.