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Her first participation in the screens was in the 2007 edition of the reality show for children’s talents Factor Xs, being sponsored by the singer and composer José Gaviria and although she did not win the figuration in that program gave her the opportunity to be included in a casting, which meant entering the world of acting.

Her first role as an actress was in 2009 in the soap opera, Cuando salga el sol, portraying Carolina Parra, the daughter of the main couple. The following year, she was chosen by Sergio Cabrera to play Sierva in the soap opera La Pola. In January 2011, she played Flor Porras in Correo de inocentes. Months later, she joined the cast of Where’s Elisa? as Marcela. She was also part of the Colombian version of Los años maravillosos. In 2013, she played Johanna in La preago. Later, she was chosen by the producers of RCN Television and Televideo as the protagonist of Chica vampiro. The series premiered on May 14, 2013. Although not well tuned in Colombia, it was a hit in Italy and France. It has also been broadcast in Spain, Portugal, Romania, Russia and Poland.

In 2014, it was announced as the youth protagonist of the soap opera La ronca de oro, based on the life of Colombian singer Helenita Vargas. After finishing the filming of this production, she joined the cast of Los años maravillosos, playing Karen González. In 2015, she starred in Tiro de gracia and then in Esmeraldas, where she played Paula Guáqueta Guerrero. In 2016, she was in Las Vega’s, a Colombian adaptation of the Chilean series of the same name, and was announced as one of the protagonists of the adaptation of the American series Revenge. Then the release date was changed to 2017. The program finally debuted on March 2, 2017 in Argentina, on Canal Trece, and on March 6 in Colombia, under the title Venganza.

In 2017, he released his first single, “Brindemos”, followed by “Error” and in turn “Despierta” and “Amantes”, which was very successful. He has also performed as a soloist the songs “Más Fuerte”, “No Te Equivoques” and “Ya Para Qué”. In August 2018 she participates in the Mexican version of the North American dance contest program “Dancing with the Stars”, called “Mira quién baila”, being crowned as the winner.