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Buri Bura consists of four people from Granada who initially started with the name “John Doe” and who, after many years of career and a long way making performances throughout Spain, have become one of the most unique and respected groups in the scene of Andalusia.

Burí Bura is a group that inspires confidence… Southern, loyal, calm and kind people, whose songs can be made yours easily, as they sing and tell all the things we’ve all been through, and do so with lyrical simplicity and evocative power of the great poets of that land.

They adore artists such as Ketama, Morente, Camarón, Compay Segundo, Gilber … to Gil, Veloso, Antonio Vega, Shadows, Kiko Veneno or 091. They are lovers of classic jazz, swing, blues and singer-songwriters. This imperceptibly determines a very peculiar sound, equidistant from everything heard so far. A bright and warm sound, with southern and internationalist inclinations. It is this balance between perfectly metabolized influences, joined without seams, the main characteristic of the music of Buri Bura…