Family Day


In a routine as chaotic and stressful as that of most workers today, it is important that employers are aware and try to provide incentives for their workers to be motivated.

A company’s true brand ambassadors are the employees, and they are the only ones capable of achieving the company’s goals. Create a positive attitude in your employees and achieve commitment and motivation.

These dynamics humanize the company and help to promote family reconciliation. In this way the family will be able to understand the working environment and the values of the company.

This is one of the best ways to demonstrate concern for the personal life of employees.


A large space with outdoor surroundings is the ideal place to develop a family activity. It will also be necessary to provide transportation to move all employees.


Weather is the key factor in ensuring success and a good reception from the audience. If the space is outdoors you need a plan B to avoid setbacks.

Not only must you plan for a rainy day but also for a very hot day since it will be necessary to provide areas of shade to prevent children from being exposed to high temperatures.

Important note! Have the necessary staff to ensure the proper development of the event.

Activities and games

To be able to create and design tailor-made activities, it is necessary to know the average age in order to organize activities according to all ages.

The group activities are recommended to strengthen the relationships between the children attending, we can make use of gymkhanas, bouncy castles or tournaments.


When creating a catering menu, keep in mind the need to have food that is suitable for all ages, with pizza, hot dogs and burgers you will never fail.

Create your tailor-made Family Day with Totalisimo and achieve an event of 10! And remember that the most important thing is not the customers but the employees.