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“A message of love to the whole world”

The big concert includes a new show of a remarkable production, with more than 100 performers on stage in an unprecedented special performance.

It is a new unique combo of Music Compositions, Philharmonic Orchestra, Choir, Singers, Dance Performances, and Artistic Video Displays. The uniqueness of the show comes from the story of each piece that will be brought to light with the help of a giant video screen display to create an unforgettable live concert.

The variety and program of Le Grand Spectacle is very mixed and entertaining for music lovers; the audience enjoy their night and the beautiful melodies coming out from such a huge orchestra and instruments, while watching the special artistic visuals accompanying each tune on a Huge LED screen, that all go along with the creative dances and specially designed clothes.

The magnificent choreography features more than 33 dancers performing diversified styles such as Tango, Waltz, Disco, Salsa, Classical & Modern Ballet, Samba, Spanish, Rope Dance, Contemporary Lyrical Dances, and much more with distinguished costumes designed specifically for the show.

All Music & Songs are written, composed and arranged by Toni Makhoul who doesn’t include in his performances any song or music not of his own compositions.

“Without beautiful melody there is no music”
Toni Makhoul