Dinamizar Eventos


For an event to be spectacular, we must put all our efforts into surprising all the attendees, and for this, planning is a key element. Look for ideas that can connect people with different profiles.

All of us when we have attended an event as attendees deposit many expectations in the beginning as well as in the closing of the event, this experience should serve us to apply it as professionals.

Add original FX effects and create a good memory in the guests that will make your event last forever.


When we talk about confetti we always recommend the electric cannons whose characteristics are similar to the manual cannons, but with a much more spectacular setting. With these cannons the surprise factor and the wow effect is assured. They are perfect for use in any place, indoor, outdoor, discos and of course for any type of event in which you want to surprise the attendees.

Choose from an endless number of colors, sizes and durability.


The source of sparks is one of the longest running resources on the market. This type of source gives us the possibility of regulating the height and intensity. Without a doubt this is one of the safest elements, as it is a cold fire.


Bubbles are a classic of any party or event, creating a unique atmosphere for children and adults. Create bubbles with different effects, sizes and scope and guarantee the success of your party.


This effect is a very dense gas that is released under pressure generating a spectacular fog effect. It is a chemical process that occurs when gases are mixed at different pressures and temperatures. This effect can reach up to 8 meters high with a simple shot, creating a personalized, refreshing and full of aromas.


Is there anything that brings more emotion to an event than fire? The flamethrower has become a widely used resource at events of all kinds

The equipment needed to create this effect is controlled by DMX systems. There are different models, we can create a 3 meter fire flame, 3 flames and even 7 meter columns. This option offers us different possibilities in the dimension, in the colour, in the directions and the rhythmic sequences.

Do you want to fill your event or party with rhythm and colour? Call us