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Raymond Luis Ayala Rodriguez was born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico in 1977.

Known artistically as Daddy Yankee, is the most important artist of urban Latin music scene. He is considered the artist who has boosted the popularity of the musical genre known as reggaeton worldwide.

Not only popular musical style that revolutionized the music scene, also redefined the artist’s vision as the architect of his own destiny and career. Besides reggaeton singer is an actor, film producer, radio host and entrepreneur.

It was only a boy of thirteen years the population of Rio Piedras where he became interested in music and began singing rap themes.

Early in his career flirted with Latin rhythms such as merengue and salsa, but you can say that his greatest success at international level have come when he has composed and performed his now famous rap songs of Latin and reggaeton.

He has a creative knack, a virtue that has made Daddy Yankee be the winner for five straight years of various Street Jam Reggae Awards. Daddy Yankee has built up his successful career by combining each of his works reflects the social reality of his country with the most sensual rhythms. This mixture has allowed many young Latinos identify with his songs.

The first disc alone Daddy Yankee was published in 2000 under the title of The Cartel. Its great success made possible the launch in 2001 of El Cartel II. Large sales achieved by both albums meant for this singer with individual recognition Platinum.Daddy Yankee

In 2002 he assumed the identity of the Cangri to perform under his own label (The Congris Inc.) The work. The album includes the song The Big Steal, who was assisted in his Lito exceptional recording. Just the same year held the first Reggaeton Tour, a promotional tour of concerts designed to be released in several U.S. cities. With this objective increased to scenarios of Philadelphia, Spreengfield, Massachusetts and Boston.

A discography of Daddy Yankee is added in 2003 recording their third album, Los Home-runes. Once again had the support of its many fans, who took to the purchase of this work making another blockbuster.

With his album Barrio Fino won a Billboard Latin Music in 2005 and a Latin Grammy in 2006. One of the most famous songs of this album is gasoline that shortly after its premiere got to climb on top of the prestigious Latin lists of the U.S. magazine Billboard.

In 2008 Yankee starred in the movie “Talento De Barrio” (loosely based on his life), which was released in the United States, Puerto Rico and Latin America. The music of the film was part of an album that has sold over 1 million copies worldwide.

In April 2010, Yankee returned with his first production after two years of absence, led to a more international audience and was entitled “World”. This album was distributed by Sony and is the true nature of Daddy Yankee. This album earned gold status in the United States, Mexico, Argentina and Chile.

Daddy Yankee is in the studio preparing their next album Prestige will be the eighth studio album by reggaeton singer which will be exclusively special collaborations.