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Bad Bunny

Among the first songs that were made in the artistic medium are “Diles” released in mid 2016. After this, sign their first record contract with Listen to this music in less than a year of career, DJ Luian company and Mambo Kingz. Under this label, he releases the remix of the single “Diles”, with the participation of Ñengo Flow, Ozuna, Arcangel and Farruko. The theme was slowly reaching millions of views on YouTube. Luian and Mambo recognized the skill that Bad had to develop in the musical world and decided to bet on it completely. Despite having a time in the music scene, enter the beginning of the Latin list of the billboard with its theme “You do not live like this” and break the video on YouTube, the urban video in collaboration with Arcángel. More than 11 million visits in just his first weeks, “La Maravilla”, as he was also recognized, was another participant in the presentation of a hand from the beginning.

On November 16 he participated in the song “Un polvo” by the Colombian Maluma, along with other artists such as Ñengo Flow, De La Ghetto and Arcángel. He has also participated in topics such as “Pa ‘que de de Brray and” Expícame “by Mat Lanez. “I’m worse” next to an official video clip through its channel, accumulating more than a million likes in a matter of months and leaving very good receptivity on the part of the public The subject became so viral, that many youtubers launched parodies and versions of this song. On March 3, 2017 premiered the video clip of the song “If your boyfriend leaves you alone” with the renowned Colombian singer J Balvin, which was a bomb on all platforms, generating in less than a month more than 100 million views on YouTube only.

One of the most emblematic events was on March 18, at the closing of the second edition of the We The Future Festival at the Roberto Clemente Coliseum, where he had a great staging of kilometers of people, performing songs like “I am worse” , “You do not live like that”, among others. Soon after launching the market is Bad Bunny Madness, a computer game. After this, released the remix of “I’m worse” in the style of mambo with Omega and then launched the same theme in the collaboration with Ozuna, Arcangel and J Balvin, but this time he did in trap.

On July 1, he premiered the video clip of the song “Tú no metes cabra”, under the label of Hear This Music and the direction of Fernando Lugo. Later on July 13 the singer Becky G released the song “Mayores” in collaboration with Bad Bunny, in which they narrate through an audiovisual the story of a woman (Becky) who has an affair with an older person, but who final ends up staying with him (Bunny). This theme was composed by the Venezuelan Servando Primera of Servando and Florentino, Mario Cáceres, Patrick Ingunza, Alexander Castillo and Bad himself. On August 10, 2017 the Venezuelan singer Nacho released the video clip of the song “Báilame” (Remix) where Bad Bunny and Yandel participate, which with less than a month accumulated more than 70 million views on YouTube. Bad Bunny has collaborated on several subjects, being “I do not care a fuck”, produced by Young Martino, the first in which he collaborates which is not produced by him and the beat is not his.