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With a continuous inner strength and leads him to go forward with an artistic maturity that lets you know where you are going, Efraín Fines Nevarez, better known as Tito “El Bambino”, released his first solo Top of the Line In 2006, after several successful years as part of the duo Hector & Tito.

Efrain Fines Nevarez, his real name, was born in 1981 in Carolina, Puerto Rico, and from an early interest in urban musical expressions, something that would develop years later.

After several years of success and experimentation with Hector El Father, as part of the duo Hector & Tito, Tito El Bambino decided to start a solo adventure and seek new horizons in urban music in Spanish.

Thus, after several months of work finally comes to light in 2006, his solo debut album titled Top of the line, which immediately drew public attention to reggaeton regular.

On this album Tito was able to obtain the cooperation of characters from the first line of gender as Daddy Yankee, Don Omar and Beniee Man, who performed duets with the simple Caile, Your waist and Natural Flow, respectively.

The Top Of The Line album was well received by lovers of reggaeton, not only in Puerto Rico, but also from Europe, USA and Latin America., Because he managed to sell over 200 thousand copies, giving to this double platinum .

The second album from this artist came in 2007 under the title It’s my time, a CD along its 16 tracks excellently together various rhythms such as merengue, mambo and bachata, of course not forgetting reggaeton.Tito el Bambino

The pattern came in 2009 and produced by Luis Berrios, Ronnie Torres, to the surprise of many, of Tito himself. Which had the opportunity to show his multifaceted personality.

In the same year “The Bambino” reached an important milestone, placed at the top of the Billboard Hot Latin Songs, with its theme this Love, which plays with “La Diva de la Banda” Jenni Rivera, and emerges from his latest Pattern.

Tito does not comply with all the success he has achieved, and want more, for that reason has already planned a tour that will take him to Mexico, Europe and Japón.Tito “El Bambino” is emerging as a large urban music Spanish, making it clear that his work makes him “El Patron” of the genre.