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Nuria Fergó was born in Nerja Malaga in April 18th 1979.

She was one of the most popular contestants in the first edition of the music contest “Operación Triunfo” of 2001, where she took off powerfully to the music market.

Loved for all, when she came out of the contest was given an offer from Universal to record an album produced by singer-songwriter Rosana and that was titled “Brisa De Esperanza”.

It became a platinum album in 2002. Those who know her say that Nuria is an explosion of joy, able to bring happiness to anyone who is around her. She is very loyal to her friends and when she connects with someone is for life.

In 2003, returns with her second album “Locura” which was followed by “Paketenteres”, “Añoranzas” and “Tierra de Nadie”. In 2012 She intends to launch her next album.

Nuria has also earned a place in the world of acting. Undoubtedly, the most satisfying role she has had so far is “Loli”, the character who, in 2007 and 2008, starred in the hit TVE “Amor En Tiempor Revueltos” – Waves Award 2008 – and earned her critical acclaim in the general public. On the other hand, she has done works as presenter at various music programs on television and fashion shows.

She has also been honored with various awards such as the Prestige Award Nerja (2002), Public Prize Canal Sur (2003), Nobel Garita in Puerto Rico (2003), the Protagonists of the Music Award (2008), Women’s Award FEMUR Year (2009), Pentagram Award for Radio Tele-Taxi (2009) and Award “more sympathetic” COPE-Malaga (2010).

Nuria Fergó has participated in several joint initiatives, most notably support for Amadiba (Association of Mothers of disabled in Baleares), with whom she works regularly, being maid of honor of her residence Indigo. Also involved in various charitable activities promoted by the Foundation C & A and she is also godmother to the Foundation Down Spain.

In the past eight years, Nuria has made seven trips, around 200 concerts and traveled across the geography of Spain, presenting the music of their five albums.