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Spanish singer of pop music born in Madrid, on May 8, 1966, who rose to stardom in the second half of the 1980s as a component of the Group olé olé.

Daughter of Antonio Sánchez Camporro and María Paz López Pestonit and born while her twin sister peace, small Marten was sponsored at his baptism by the great Spanish tenor Alfredo Kraus, since his father was a bass that is well known in the world of opera. With this musical background, not you missed the early love of Marta of music, and already at the age of fourteen acted for the first time on television, a children’s program where he appeared singing and playing the guitar.

At eighteen, Marta sang in a group called dark crystal that made their first live appearances. In its eagerness to climb steps into the world of music, Marta and company signed up to a competition organized by the community of Madrid, where he won third place, but this was not enough, so the Group continued forward. A sound technician of Ole Ole, who was among the audience, suggested joining the group to replace Vicky Larraz, who had started his solo career.

In this way, Marta Sánchez became part of Ole Ole group which met one of its best moments by 1990, with the publication of the 1990 album, which was double platinum album, and even opened the doors of the international market. Just a year later things are twisted to the group, although cannot be assured that the events that took place come Marta badly. After the great success of 1990, seemed the Group lifted flight definitively, supported on the achievements of an album full of good songs, such as “Soldiers of love”. But in the summer of 1991, Marta Sánchez appeared fully nude in the weekly magazine Interviu. The report, with photographs taken in Studio and with full consent of the singer, showed the nakedness of one of the erotic symbols of the country. There were rumors of all kinds about the reasons that led to Marta Sánchez to pose for Interviu; but the truth was that, after this issue, vocalist left the band to start a solo career. Many thought that the entire chain of events was due to a marketing operation; However, Marta departed for New York next to Sterling Campbell, battery group Duran Duran and boyfriend of the Spanish vocalist, to prepare for his solo debut. The style of their new songs, some of them composed by Sterling Campbell, was not liked by the directors of Hispavox, and Marta decided to break his contract with the label.

The vocalist signed then by Polygram Iberica and continued to prepare their debut solo album. But Marta fame had crossed the borders of the strictly musical and, in an attempt to take advantage of this situation, the singer debuted in the world of cinema in 1992 with Supernova, production that was a complete failure of both critics and public, and that contributed to his career, only, his debut as a soloist with the theme “Everlasting”. But the real debut came in November 1993, with the album woman and the single “desperate” (which in the end not differed both on any topic of Ole Ole) sounding stations around the country. In an attempt to internationalize the success obtained in Spain, this was the first album of Marta Sánchez which was published in English, with the title of Woman and the issues translated into this language. In 1994, the singer married Jorge Salatti, what it came more if it is to the world of the journals of the heart. The marriage lasted little more than one year, and separation coincided with the release of a new album by the artist, my world. The album hit the stores in May 1995 and also had its version in English (My World), but did not have a single great success as had its predecessor.

In 1997 it was released Jet, with very evocative cover of Marta and collaborations with Slash (Guns a’n ‘ Roses component) and Nile Rodgers. It also included the first compositions of the own Marta, in total three, one solo and more accompanied by two. The collaboration of Slash led Marta interpreted the theme “Obsession”, included in the original soundtrack of the Curdled, Quentin Tarantinofilm. That same year he also collaborated with tenor Andrea Bocelli in the album Romanza, where Marta interpreted alongside the Italian song “Vivo por ella”. In October 1998, a month after the death of his father, Marta released her next album: unknown (Perfect Stranger, in its English version). The first thing that draws the attention of this disc is the perfect plagiarism of his home, in which Marta photo and the colors used seem taken from the Madonna Ray of Light, published that same year. However, this does not diminish the content of the album, which includes remixes of Carlos Jean and a song dedicated to his father.His next work was a theme in the tattoo collection, dedicated to the Spanish copla. But the truth is that, after unknown vocalist took a long break from three years back in 2002, I am more intimate than ever and the hand of a new record label, with the album.