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María José Llergo is a Spanish cantaora who is known for mixing traditional flamenco with other sounds to create a new musical experience in her own style.

In 2018 she released her first song, “Niña de las Dunas”, totally ‘do it yourself’, she presented it to the world together with flamenco guitarist Marc López. The following year she released the song “You look at me, but you don’t see me” (2019), written by herself and co-produced by the Sevillian Lost Twin, which talks about the invisibility of certain social groups, consecrated it as one of the voices to have consider. A primitive, essentialist ‘beat’ that combined tradition and modernity. That same year, she released the single “El pendulo” (2019), the title of the artist’s first physical release.

All those themes were finally found in ‘Sanación’ (2020), the first album by the woman from Cordoba. The seven-track EP reflected her emotional healing process, another tribute, also in sound details, to her origins.

María José Llergo has released a total of 12 singles since it began in 2018 and a studio album under the Sony Music Spain label.