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Since he began his solo career, whose third reference is this new album Monstruos, Leiva has established itself as an indispensable value in the panorama of rock in Spanish. After this public and professional recognition that has been won step by step, hide many years of blind faith and constant work, compositional spark, passion for music, and a magic that only the big ones have.

The idea fixed to imbue of rock of more serious way, and that stopped being an excuse of leisure, takes to Leiva to be united with other two neighbors of the same district, Rubén Pozo and Tuli, and to make a group of versions of Leño. It was 1999 and Pereza was born.

The recording history of Pereza begins in 2001 with a first album, Pereza, which would follow the following year, already converted into a duet, ‘Algo para cantar’, where Leiva begins to give edge to his knife composer. The jump of trampoline of Pereza would take place with “Animales” (2005) and the “pelotazo” in lists that supposed compositions of Leiva like “Princesas” and “Todo”, the work, that surpassed with gold the Gold Record, placed them in the orbit of the greats of the Spanish pop scene.

In December 2010 Pereza dismissed his “Aviones” tour with a blowout at the Palacio de los Deportes in Madrid. After a few months of rest, Leiva and Rubén made public the news that their next step would be a solo album each.

The artist from Madrid sounds true to himself in his latest album and has the biggest thing to say. “Sincericidio” is the pulsating preamble of the third solo album by Leiva, ‘Monstruos’, which hits the streets on August 26, 2016.