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His look is a classic 70’s band, traveled and dedicated … and the truth is that, although not yet released a full album and very few know, have some of that. Kings Of Leon are three brothers and a cousin of Tennessee. Sons of a Pentecostal pastor, the brothers Caleb, Nathan and Jared Followill and their cousin Matthew Followill, grew up traveling in a small truck from town to town in the south of the United States, playing and singing from church to church and sleeping in home of a member of the community.

In 1998 his father left the service of preaching and that let them free in a world of infinite options. Two and a half ago or so, began writing her own songs. A year later, they had a recording contract with RCA.

Caleb is the oldest, is 22 and is the singer and second guitar. Nathan followed with 20 years and is the drummer. Then comes the cousin Matthew, 18, guitarist and the youngest is Jared who plays bass with just 16. Jared originally wanted to be but had no bass guitar and, being the youngest, could not put up resistance to the imposition that gave their elders to learn to play bass.

His music does not belong to any movement. They are neo-metallers are not post-groncheros are not pop-rock punkeros or tiller handle … leave the United States through the farmer to walk listening to bands that do not match at all with the popular taste. The truth is that his compositions and the singing of Caleb have done all they are interested in a desperate half. They are defined as a country-rock band-garage-punk-familiar and we find a kind of Lynyrd Skynyrd mixed with The Srokes

which would be the same (in fact, discovered that was the same as found in The Strokes).Linkin Park

The Pentecostal church music is lively, a lot of hype, has a spirit much like the masses of American blacks. They show their emotions and they all have in worship. The bands of these churches have many instruments: Organ, piano, bass, drums, guitars, wind and wave is very similar to blues. The musicians are not the best but nobody is there to be a protagonist and together they can reach sound good. According to the Followill, these elements influenced tremendously Kings of Leon because no one involved in the church band for the show are there to do service. According to the Followill, the beauty of this is that all become one and there are pressures that if you mess up you’ll get into trouble. According to the Followill, this has helped them become the band they are now, with relaxed mind without fear of stepping on poop, enjoying the music.

Certainly this does not mean that his music is calm and relaxed … Kings of Leon rocks! Even when playing rock songs in church fifteen minutes and had people dancing from foot … But Kings of Leon do not want to be seen as a rebellious church band, but not afraid to be considered as such. And, really, do not have to worry about because, in contrast, listening to his music hard to believe that they were one day.

They were always in the music but it was not until they heard bands like The White Stripes who decided to try it on a professional level. And not because The White Stripes have influenced the music but because they saw in them a truly inspiring artistic freedom and Stripes thought that if they could, they too.

Lo … might say … Mystic Kings of Leon is the gear of three things: unity, calm and wisdom at such a young age and his talent for songwriting. They say they have grown in love and need each other, provided a change of scenery and all they had was themselves. Learned humility and learned to share brotherhood and bread early on, knowledge essential for anyone looking for true success. Finally, there is no way to explain where the talent is or how it develops.