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In 2008 a music industry executive discovered Justin Bieber watching by accident some of his videos on YouTube. Since then, this Canadian singer born in London, Ontario, in 1994, hasn’t stopped to succeed in the national and international music scene.

Bieber signed a music contract with Raymond Braun Media Group (RBMG) and a recording contract with the label Island Records; during the summer 2009, he released his debut single One Time, which charted into the Top 30s in more than ten Countries. The launch of the single was followed by his first album My World, which received positive reviews and was certified platinum by RIAA.

Later on, his first full studio album My World 2.0, was preceded by the international success Baby: the official music video of the single received over 300 million views, becoming the most seen video on YouTube ever. In summer 2010 Bieber started his first tour, My World Tour.

Bieber has reached, in very few years, an authentic legion of fans worldwide and has been able to beat selling records inconceivable before for a debut artist.

With a promising start like this, it’s quite likely that the career of this young man, with a shy look and an angelical appearance, will have a long way ahead.