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Juanlu was born in Ciudad Utrera in 1985 and is the grandson of the great singer Enrique Montoya. He has been linked to music since his childhood and has managed to collect all the essence of a family saga and reach all audiences with his music, managing to create his own style, in which his personality and way of interpreting stands out.

Despite being so young, Juanlu has positioned himself as one of the best known Utrera artists and with the greatest projection at the national level, in his musical proposal as a singer, composer and producer. He is being increasingly recognized by the public, critics and especially by his colleagues.

“Ana María”, one of his first singles, was a starting point that achieved millions of reproductions through the internet, allowing him to have visibility in the national and international communications media. In 2019, with the release of his new single “Cupido”, he had great success traveling all over the Spanish territory, returning to the music scene with great force, reaching his video clip to have more than a million views on YouTube. In 2020, he released a new single “You cheer the bad days”, for many the song of confinement.

After that, he launched “Outburst of love”, exceeding 4 million views on YouTube. Thanks to the success achieved in social networks and reproductions on YouTube, Juanlu signed a contract with the record company Universal Music Spain launching “La Solution” as a letter of introduction.