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Son of Rodolfo Ramazzotti, construction worker, and Raffaella Molina, housewife. He lived his childhood in the neighborhood of Cinecittà.

In 1982 he published his first 45 rpm single titled “Ad un Amico”. In 1984 he participated for the first time in San Remo Festival in the “nuovi proposte” category, winning with the song “Terra Promessa”. In 1985 it returns to participate and it was sixth. It appears his first album, “Cuori Agitati” (1985). In February of 1986 participates for the third time in San Remo with the song “Adesso Tu” that gives the triumph in the main category of this festival.

In 1993, it leaves “Tutte Storie”. He leaves DDD and creates his own production company, “Radiorama”. In May of 1996 he released “Dove C’è Musica” completely produced and designed by him. “Eros” appears in 1997. This album compiles the great successes of its race and two unpublished subjects. In 2000, he released his “Stilelibero” and in 2003 he appeared “9”, the album with songs like Un’emozione per semper, In 2005 he released the album “Calma apparente” and in October 2007 a double anthology entitled “e²”. In 2009 he premiered “Alas y Raíces” in which it is included Tell me. His next studio album, “Noi”, was presented on November 13, 2012 in Italy. After “Perfetto” appears, put on sale in Italy on May 12, 2015, with 14 tracks recorded in Los Angeles, Milan and Rome. The first single from the album was Alla Fine Del Mondo, released on March 27, 2015.