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El Chojin

El Chojin stands out for the deep social criticism it carries out on its themes. It belongs to the crew “W.F.N.”, which means Wild For da Night, a name taken from the song of the same name by Busta Rhymes and which also belongs to Meko.

Among his works we find the project 995 (the four works made by the group) in collaboration with other Spanish rappers and solo Mi turno, El nivel sube, Sólo para adultos, his album with more media coverage especially for songs like “Lola” (which gave him fame outside the rap scene), Cuando Hay Obsstáculos … and …Nunca Intentes Negarlo. After these 7 albums, El Chojin reissued a demo, entitled Rap por placer (Rap for pleasure), for free distribution via the Internet.

At the beginning of 2005 he released his eighth LP in a contest organized by the artist himself on his website.

In 2007 he published, alone, Striptease (LP), an album in which he naked his soul, and his concerns, playing with irony the girls and with the collaboration of new and veteran producers, guitarists, harmonicas, pianos and a gospel choir.

In the same year, Chojín wrote and starred in “El Alma de Alexander Oboe”, a theatrical show produced by the Casa de los Pueblo and presented at the Madrid Sur Festival. He also toured different theatres in Spain.

On December 23, 2008, he won the Guinness World Records award for the “fastest MC”, rapping 921 syllables in one minute with the song “Vo-ca-li-za”.

From January 28 to June 24, 2010, El Chojin appeared every Thursday doing a rap summary of the week’s news, in “Las noticias de la tarde” of La 2.

On May 11, 2010 he published with Francisco Reyes Rap. 25 years of rhymes, a book about the history of rap in Spain.

In January 2011, El Chojin published his book of reflections “Laugh when you can, cry when you need it” with Espasa publishing house. In this book, Torrejón’s MC tells his vision of life, reflections and anecdotes.

On March 15, 2011 he released his eleventh album, titled El Ataque De Los Que Observaban (The Attack Of Those Who Observed).