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Tangana is a Spanish rapper and composer. He began his musical career in 2006 under the pseudonym of Crema, being a member of the group Agorazein with Sticky M.A. (formerly known as Manto), Jerv.Agz., Fabianni and I-Ace.

In 2016 he gave his first concerts in Latin America as C. Tangana, where he had earned some recognition and had already performed with his group Agorazein, and left his job since 2015 to devote himself completely to music.

In 2017, he started a tour of Latin America called “C. Tangana Latino Tour”. After the tour, he officially announces his signature with the label Sony Music. Together with Sony Music he launched “Mala Mujer” achieving fame in Spain. This topic occupied the first positions in the viral lists of Spotify of different countries of Europe and Latin America as well as the main Spanish lists. In this way, “Mala Mujer” has become one of the songs of summer 2017 getting the platinum disc, first certification of the career of C. Tangana. This song currently sounds in the main radios and nightclubs of our country.