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Plex  with almost 13 million followers on YouTube and more than 11 on TikTok, has become one of the most influential influencers of the moment. Constantly rising, his presence in the media has catapulted him as one of the most prominent creators of 2023. Tonight, you will see him in ‘El Hormiguero’, sharing his unique adventures and experiences.

Daniel Alonso, known as Plex or YoSoyPlex, was born on September 20, 2001 in Toro, Zamora. From a young age, he showcased his talent on YouTube, initially with Fortnite guides and tricks. His growth was dizzying, going from gaming videos to daily vlogs about his daily life. At the age of 18, he decided to focus entirely on his career as a content creator.

Now, Plex dives into epic challenges: from surviving a desert island to infiltrating festivals as an artist. His ability to captivate audiences is undeniable. Do you want to take your brand to the next level? Join Plex and Totalisimo for an unforgettable advertising campaign!