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Patry Jordán

Patry Jordán

Patry Jordán, the influencer, beauty expert and personal trainer, has stood out as one of the main YouTubers of the moment. With more than 13.1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, Virtual Gym, she is the favorite choice of millions of people looking to get in shape with proven results.

A decade ago, we met Patry Jordán through her channel “Girl Secrets”, where she shared beauty and personal care tricks. Her success was unstoppable, evolving into new channels such as “Vip girls’ secrets” and “Vlog girls’ secrets”. However, it was with her at-home workout videos that she rose to stardom, giving rise to “Virtual Gym,” where she presents herself as an inspiring personal trainer.

On this channel, Ella Patry offers workout routines to tone, lose weight, gain muscle, and stay in shape, reaching more than 13.1 million subscribers. In addition to her successes on YouTube, she has diversified her presence with projects such as podcasts, English-language channels, a jewelry and perfume store, and her second book, “I Can with Everything.”

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