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Luc Loren


Luc Loren, a prominent figure on social networks in Spain, has established himself as a presenter, DJ and influencer over more than a decade. Born in Zaragoza in 1993, after moving to Barcelona to study Audiovisual Communication, Luc began his career as a nightclub photographer, where he perfected his skills as a DJ and met Dulceida, a long-time collaborator and friend.

Part of the influential group The Tripletz alongside Sergi Pedrero, Luc Loren has stood out for his social commitment, addressing physical and mental health issues on his YouTube channel. His work as a popularizer and activist has made him a reference in the defense of human rights and raising awareness about mental health.

With a consolidated presence on networks, Luc Loren continues to be an icon both in the world of music, with his acclaimed DJ show in clubs and festivals, and in the field of entertainment, starring in the docuseries “Influencers: surviving the networks” on Amazon Prime and participating in television shows such as Supervivientes 2023.

With 300,000 followers on Instagram, Luc Loren remains active and engaged with his audience, with no plans to stop his career in front of the cameras. Do you want to give your brand a unique boost? Hire Luc Loren for your campaigns with Totalisimo and reach new horizons of success!