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El Rubius

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Rubén Doblas Gundersen, known as El Rubius, is an influential YouTuber, streamer and internet figure of Spanish-Norwegian origin. With an impressive career, he has accumulated more than 40 million subscribers on YouTube and 14 million on Twitch, establishing himself as one of the most prominent figures in digital entertainment.

Born on February 13, 1990 in Mijas, Málaga, El Rubius has marked milestones in the history of social networks and gaming. His participation in video game events, interviews on television shows and collaborations with renowned brands have made him a reference in the digital world.

From his interview on La Sexta’s “En el aire” program to his world record of online viewers in a Fortnite tournament, El Rubius has demonstrated his impact and versatility in different areas of entertainment. His ability to connect with the audience and his influence on digital trends make him indispensable for any advertising campaign.

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