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Raúl Álvarez Genes, known on the internet by the nickname AuronPlay or Auron, is a famous Spanish YouTuber.

He has more than 2,500 videos on this platform, with twenty-two million subscribers. His nickname derives from Auron, a character from the video game Final Fantasy IX.

He is the second of three brothers. He worked from the age of sixteen in a graphic arts company, until his activity on the Internet allowed him to leave.

He began his career on YouTube in 2008. He was mainly dedicated to recording videos with humorous content on various social and current topics. At first, in his videos he appeared with his face covered, since it was difficult for him to decide to show his identity, given his theme.

However, what made him famous would be his “video reviews” in which he sarcastically referred to other YouTubers, especially those specialized in commenting on video games in what has been called gameplays. This, as is logical on the other hand, generated many enmities, in addition to giving him notoriety. His pique, in particular, with JPelirrojo acquired an almost legendary media character. Without a doubt, at that time he was one of the most hated and loved characters in the YouTube microuniverse.

Because the complaints were about to force YouTube to close his channel, he had to apologize publicly and partially abandoned this activity.He also deleted or made private much of the content he had posted until then. Auronplay opted for other types of videos, always in a humorous tone, such as prank calls, compilations of funny messages on forums and reviews of television programs.

However, sometimes he also talks about gaming, particularly Minecraft, Pokémon and Fortnite.

Since 2015, he has performed before the public with the show Cinemes, in the company of another famous YouTuber, Wismichu, with whom they have toured various Spanish cities. He also does it alone, with “El Show de AuronPlay”.

He has explained in his videos that he is a fan of the GTA saga, of the musical groups Oasis and The Killers and of Barça.

He has published the books From the worst, the best: Auron’s advice, in which he comments on the bawdy questions he has been asked on the internet over the years; Auronplay, the autobiographical book; and the youth novel The Hater’s Game, inspired by his own experiences as a YouTube star.