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Tatiana Garrido Guardia, “The Españoleta” was born in Malaga, although at age of twelve she moved to Granada to develop her Flamenco career.

She is the daughter of dancer and professor of flamenco “Mariquita” who has traveled the world with her own shows of great international recognition. Tatiana at an early age already was recognized by all that thrives on stage and her dancing.

Probably, apart from the charm of her dancing is the fact that she has long arms and a unique figure. Regarding her preference for the dance, sometimes she identifies herself with the “Alegrías, Tangos, Soleás”, although her strength are the bulerías.

She uses to jump from style to style because as she says “Every dance has its charm.” Her unique qualities of brilliance and authentic natural grace have been increased by education of mother unmatched “Mariquita” that has managed to convey her artistic and humanitarian spirit.

At 18, she taught dance at the University of Granada as a professor in the department of flamencology. Tatiana Garrido and her company have performed in Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, Korea, Morocco, Japan, Eastern Europe and Latin America where she garnered high praise from critics and a great reception from the public. This activity is mixed by singing and dancing to form a pure and supreme staging as much as a high impact.

“Fire and Sand”

The “fire” is the force and was the beginning of flamenco where the forge and anvil was their main source of wealth. The “sand” the fundamental basis of nomadic peoples, and that traveled large parts to survive and the sand represents their faithful companion.

Tatiana Garrido directs this new show called “Fuego Y Arena” where you will see her company on a stage, where the set design is so cutting edge that you can see a real passionate flamenco show.

Backed by virtual projections, will this work shelling where the strength of the purest flamenco with a backup of 16 artists and a musical full of virtuosity makes us live the live flamenco world full of magic, art and compass.

We need to highlight in this show the development of popular culture, which is flamenco live where artists exhibit and develop more realistic art of dance vocals and guitar. At the same time it combines with an idea of ​​what cutting edge research in which new contemporary languages ​​is a revolutionary idea and new to the scene.

Tatiana Garrido after several years performing with her own company with several concepts and formats, and performing in other shows as a guest artist throughout the world, has prepared this book to give a step in her career.

She has participated in countless TV shows and radio programs, national and international press has echoed this artist saying:

“Tatiana Garrido, dance of kings…”, Hong Kong news.

“It’s a panther on stage…”, BBC.

“Tatiana is the flame of flamenco…”, Jerusalem Post.

“Is the most direct legacy of Sacromonte…”, ABC.

“Tatiana Garrido grew on stage and in a square meter is able to make us vibrate and have feelings resurfacing…”, The Ideal.

We believe that these few lines are enough to bet on this flamenco company of Tatiana Garrido and to locate her in those scenarios of the national and international geography where the best scene performances meet.