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Raya Real

Raya Real is a flamenco and rumba group that premiered in 1989 with “Rociadora” and until 1995 they had the collaboration of the great Celso Pareja – Obregón precursor of the famous “40 Sevillanas to dance”. Raya Real became very popular at that time with songs like “The first time”, “Tribute to the Reyes Brothers”, “Remembering”, “As always” or “Wobble” and came to occupy the top positions of the sales lists in Spain.

Raya Real from 1996 and directed by Manuel Soler publish their following albums “Pañoleta de Colores”, “All life dancing”, “We are partying”, “Take sugar”, “More alive than ever”, “Let’s go to trouble “,” Mala “and several records of” Carols. ”

Raya Real is still active, being one of the main claims of all the country’s fairs.