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Rafael Amargo is an eclectic dancer and choreographer.

He has been inspired by the purest flamenco of his teachers, yet has assimilated other choreographic trends and lessons in the school of Martha Graham during his stay in New York.

His choreographies are full of a traditional conception yet modern. Sometimes very close to contemporary dance, never loses the reference point of the essence of flamenco.

He has a constant contact with the world of art and culture that allowed him to be mentored early in his career by artists such as Luis Gordillo and Esperanza D’Ors, to be photographed by Bruce Weber and Christopher Makos, or choreograph for the Museum Chillida of Hernani, a piece inspired by the work of the sculptor.

This allowed him to create a very open minded concept that greatly enriched his choreography, and has sparked interest in these circles, among which are some of his most faithful (and famous) fans.

Although Rafael Amargo is a firm defender of the dance company, and theatrical and scenic concept of flamenco (with the inevitable reference to his admired Antonio Gades), he nevertheless occasionally dances tablaos and investigates choreography in environments of contemporary dance.

Rafael AmargoRafael and his shows have received numerous awards among which are four Max Awards for the Performing Arts: two for Amargo (Best Show and Best male performer of dance), one by POET IN NEW YORK (Best male performer of dance) and a by EL AMOR BRUJO (Best male performer of dance) Positano Leonide Massine Prize of Dance as a dancer and choreographer (the most important distinction of dance in Italy, which have received figures as Rudolf Nureyev, Carla Fracci, Maurice Bejart, Alexandra Ferri , Moses Pendleton, Lindsay Kemp and others), or APDE Award (Association of Teachers of Spanish Dance and Flamenco of Spain), with Antonio Gades and Matilde Coral.

But is the public who has best welcomed the creations of Rafael Amargo, filling the theaters in which he performs. A public that has been awarded among others, the award for Best Dance show THE COUNTRY OF THE TEMPTATIONS by AMARGO and POETE EN NUEVA YORK.