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Pepe Habichuela, artistic name of Jose Antonio Carmona Carmona was born in Granada in 1944.

One of the most famous flamenco guitarists in Spain and the most requested in the accompaniment. He belongs to a flamenco dynasty started by his grandfather, known as “Habicuela El Viejo” from whom he took the nickname, and continued by his father Jose Carmona and his brothers Juan Habichuela, Carlos and Luis.

Although his artistic beginnings took place in Granada, in 1964 he moved to Madrid where he performed in several flamenco shows and shared the stage with artists such as Juanito Valderrama, Camarón de la Isla and Enrique Morente. With the latter, he recorded an album in tribute to singer Antonio Chacón (Homage to Don Antonio Chacón, Hispavox, 1977, reprinted in 1996) which won the National Award in 1975 discography.

He cultivates with equal success the touch of accompanying of the concert, being in this sense a special case because of his great knowledge and mastery of traditional flamenco guitarist, as much as he joins the virtues of the musician of our time, with a creative streak that never loses jondura…

He is the father of José Miguel Carmona Niño and uncle of Juan Jose Carmona Amaya “EL Camborio” and Antonio Carmona Amaya (sons of his brother Juan Habichuela). The three formed the band Ketama.