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Pastora Galván de los Reyes was born in Seville in 1980 and has become one of the most famous flamenco dancers of today’s scene.

She began her first professional work in the early 90’s period that also travels to America with Flamenco Theatre Company of San Francisco. The following year, she teaches courses at Stanford University, and began her activities throughout Spain and parts of Europe with artists such as Israel Galván, Eva La Yerbabuena, Fernando Terremoto, La Susi, Chano Lobato, Joaquin Grilo, Niño de Pura, Antonio Canales, Arcangel, Argentina…

She never stops teaching in the United States, Mexico, Greece, France…, passes through the prestigious Festival del Corral Coal from Granada and the festival ‘Flamenco in the Sun’ in Miami. She performs in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Antwerp and The Hague.

In 2008, presents her show “LA Francesa” to Seville room “Joaquin Turina” and leaving breathless to all who were there, and secondly, she participated in the work done for the Flamenco Festival USA, next to artists like Carmen Linares, Miguel Poveda and Juan Carlos Romero, entitled “Cuatro Esquinas”.

She has also crossed borders with her show “CUadro Flamenco” coming to the Spring Table Flamenco Festival held in Cairo and Beirut, and currently, with the great dancer Joaquín Grilo Jerez, in the latest show of pianist David Peña Dorantes Lebrija.