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At 16 he composed his first song “Un día más” that we can find on his first album published in 1998 with which he was his record company for several years, HORUS. It is titled “Miguel Sáez” and contains a total of twelve songs composed by himself.

Two years later he publishes his second album with which he settles in the world of music. This album is titled “Que Locura”, which includes two duets, with Yolanda Ramos and Gloria Gómez, and highlights such danced songs as “Mala mujer”, “Que locura” and “Mal herío”.

In 2002 he released his third album “Dispárame” in which we find a more rocker Miguel but without losing that Latin-flamenco touch that characterizes him. With this album he made us dance to the rhythm of songs like “Dispárame” or “Dame”.

Two years later, Miguel Sáez returns to the charge but this time breaking our schemes, DIVUCSA is the company that bets on him. “Mi Flow” –my style-, is the title of this work in which we find a Miguel different from the ones we were used to, it shows his versatility and evolution, in short, he is more mature both in the lyrics and in the interpretations.

Miguel Sáez is the first Spanish artist who dares to record a “Reggaeton” album and makes it his own like everything he plays, giving it his personal touch that reminds us of his native Cádiz. This album includes twelve songs composed by himself, a duet with Aitor García, and two ballads, one of them “Amanece en mi” will be the soundtrack of a Venezuelan telenovela.

It is the album where he gets more involved, participating in the production, traveling to Cuba and choosing the songs that he would later include on the album and participating in the recording of the video clip of his first single “Chicas locas”.

One year later and after selling thousands of copies, Miguel Sáez reissues his latest album, and gives us “Mi Reggaeflow” with two unreleased songs, a remix of “Chicas locas”, a duet with Miguel Nández and the video clips of his three singles “Chicas locas”, “Tú estás buena”, and “Obsesión”.

In 2006 Miguel Saez arrives ready to continue surprising his audience and “La vida es una historia” is released for sale, an album that includes 14 songs (one of them in duet with Sergio Contreras) and a DVD with the 14 video clips ( from the first album). Miguel Saez is the first Spanish artist to publish an album in the new DAVD format (audio and video in the same format). “Where were you …” is the first single from this sixth album.

In 2008 we were even more surprised when “El Septimo Asalto” was released. This album brings much more powerful songs, mixing salsa and other styles but always with reggaeton. Includes a duet with Mario Méndes.

In 2009 Miguel returned to his origins and released his eighth album. METAMORFOSIS. which has been a resounding success.

with songs like. “Saber de ti”, “si me lo pidieras”, story of a hero “(dedicated to his father) and other songs like. “Corazón espinado”, “Celos” etc etc.

Two years later in 2011 his ninth album ¨A CONTRARELOJ¨ arrives, which is released by Warner Music, an album that did not leave anyone indifferent, because in this album we can find duos as interesting as ¨ OLVIDATE DE ELLA ¨ with the artists Cadiz from CAI and ¨NI PENA NI GLORIA¨ together with LA HUNGARA AND MARIA ARTES (LA MORENA), also worth noting in this wonderful album the song ¨ABRACADABRA ¨ a cry of solidarity made a song against machismo and a thousand other social injustices.

Miguel quotes in his concerts ¨ a song cannot stop a tank, but it can break the soul of the warrior who drives it¨.

Already at the beginning of 2013 the artist began to warm up the atmosphere by resuming his most danceable style and released the single ¨NO LLORES¨ and without taking us out of our astonishment, he hit the music scene again with the successful single ¨LA CAZADORA ¨ singles with which he performed. more than 80 concerts in 2013 and catapulted him to top most of the charts in the country.

In 2014 these two indisputable hits are included in his tenth album ¨MIGUEL SAEZ 1.0 ¨ which comes from the hand of his third single ¨PA ROMPERLO¨, once again Miguel Saez comes IMPARABLE.

In addition to singing and composing for himself, Miguel Sáez also does it for other artists, as he is a full-fledged composer. “Como quererte” by Yolanda Ramos, “Excúsame” by Raúl, “Quiero besarte” by Roser, “Que te den candela”, “Bandolero”, “Mentira” by Bea Bronchal, “Andaluces disparando cante” by Sergio Contreras… these are some of the songs composed by him. But there are also more artists who have his songs on their albums, as is the case with Dyango, Agüita Salá, etc.