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María Carrasco was born on July 15, 1995 in Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz.
From many we hear that she is inevitably doomed to success.
Maria began at a very young age, at just four years old, singing in her parents’ bar, amazing everyone who listened to her with her voice and personality.
At the age of 8 she already mastered any flamenco palo, whose admiration for this genre was instilled in her by her father.
At this same age, María entered the Veo-Veo TV contest, winning first prize in Andalusia. In this same year, María went on a tour of more than 30 concerts.
This fact calls the attention of Canal Sur Tv, being requested for the participation of the
Menuda Noche program, presented by Juan y Medio, signing a contract with the network, with which he has performed up to 350 days in Menuda Noche.
After the great reception of the artist, the Sevillian record company Senator, offers a contract
record company to Maria. In the year 2006 his first record was released: Hablando con la Luna.

The launch of this work leaves no one indifferent, and María obtains in a few weeks a gold record (50,000 copies sold) and a Premio Amigo, closing a tour that would take her to more than 65 cities in Spain.
After these great beginnings, only the big news followed: in 2007 the album Soñando Despierta was released, in 2009 Entre Tú y Yo was released, and in 2012 the album Pequeño Deseo was released, with the record label Universal Music. All this, in continuous work with their respective tours.
In 2014, Maria decides to take the reins of her artistic career, creating her own publishing house and record label to work alone and launch her fifth studio album, Misterios de mi Alma.
For this work, she counts on the production of Ale Romero, as well as the intervention of great musicians, such as José Manuel Posada “Popo”, Ricky Rivera, and José Mena, among others.
This work was performed throughout Spain, as well as in some cities in France, such as Paris and Marseille.