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Amalia Barbero “Lya” was born in Córdoba in 1987.

The interest of this young Cordobesa by music comes from childhood, when her grandfather started it in the various sticks of flamenco and copla. That is why, at only 7 years of age, was already linked to the art of Spanish song. At age 16 he decided to change his style. He began to compose, to record choirs in albums of great artists like Queco, the Arrebato, Andy and Lucas, etc. And now, at the age of 19, she began working as a singer with Joaquín Cortés, with whom she has covered much of the international scene. He also spent three years accompanying Pastor Soler as a showgirl.

One day he gets a call from Alejandro Sanz. A friend of hers, Jose Carlos Gómez, had sent a model to Alejandro without her knowing anything. From that time on, everything changed. Alejandro invites him to be part of the new label, which he founded alongside Pepe Barroso, called “Lola Records” and, then, when Lya’s first solo work, A Pinch of Your Voice, was born.

Throughout its short but intense race the singer has obtained important recognitions like the first prize in the modality of unpublished song in the City of Cordova or the first prize in the Contest of Spanish Song of the Line of the Conception, as it explains the Record label

Now the singer has taken the path of flamenco pop and the result is A pinch of your voice, a work that has been recorded between Córdoba and Madrid in the Filigrana and Idemm studios with Manuel Gutiérrez Guerrero as producer and Emilio Mercader in the mixes and in The mastering.

In this album Lya has had several collaborations, such as that of Diego del Morao and Daniel Casares in bulerías Veo amanecer and in the Tangos Noche de mayo, respectively. In addition, the young artist has composed most of the songs that make up the album, which for the moment has the video of No me hagas sufrir, which has been filmed between Estepona and Manilva and has been directed by Producciones 55 and photography at Charge of Manuel Delgado Rojano.