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Loli, Isabel and Esperanza Diaz Lobato are the only three women in a family of eight children. They were born in the neighborhood of the Tardón in Triana; since they were little, their father taught them into the world of music. At age of ten they sang for the first time the song from Camaron “Como El Agua” and from that time they were in charge of livening up all kinds of celebrations.

“Sentimiento Rociero” was the stage name the group chose at first. From that moment began the proceedings. That was one of the most important representatives of the time, Jesus Antonio Pulpón told them one tome that they looked like three suns that shone brightly with their own light. From that point the group decided that their artistic name would be SOLES.

The label Horus, which produced hits of Maria del Monte as “Cantame”, became interested in them and proposed to record their first album “Dale A la Caña”.

Throughout their career, SOLES have sung in many places; have gone through all the villages of Andalucia and a great part of Spain and even France, where they spent more than three months recruited by one of the ten richest men in the world…, their television appearances have been constant, especially on Andalusia television, but also in the main national channels.

The radio stations of Spain have them as a benchmark in the genre of the Sevillanas and the more modern Flamenco, highlighting successes as “Matita Romero,” “Borrón y Cuenta Nueva”, “Me GUsta Mi Triana”, “Celos”, “Vida Loca”, etc…, SOLES always participate in the most important festivals organized by the radio formulas and are indispensable in all the theme galas made by ​​the televisions.