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With twelve years belonged to a small flamenco ballet that made galas for the hotels and tablaos of the Costa del Sol.

At fourteen I formed a duo with Javier Moreno creating the choreography and providing me with my own finery; Working in the hotel chain Sol-Meliá, etc …

At the age of seventeen I finished the dance courses with outstanding and I entered to take part in the ballet of Tano, one of the most important party halls of the Costa del Sol. At eighteen I moved to Madrid where I worked for a year with The contemporary dance and flamenco company of Juan Maya Marote (guitarist of the National Ballet for twenty years) and Angeles Arranz (ballet dancer of the National Ballet) touring all over Spain, here I worked with the brothers Reyes, Timo de Jerez, etc. .

At the age of twenty I returned to Malaga where I went to work with the Tano Ballet again. At the age of twenty-two she entered the Ballet of Carmen Mota, working for one year in Scala Canarias and another in Scala Madrid, while in Tele 5, then I continued in Madrid for a year studying and at the same time working in flamenco galas In five star hotels in Madrid.

At the age of twenty I go back to Málaga, working as choreographer and dancer in the Rope Room Pepe Amaya and as a flamenco teacher at the Ateneo de Música y Danza (where I am currently), acting in works produced by the same as a dancer and choreographer in the theater Cervantes.

I currently own a dance company and a flamenco painting of which I am director and choreographer, as well as performing at Flamenco Festivals and Flamenco Peñas in Cádiz, Jaén, Sevilla, Córdoba, Málaga and province along with artists such as Aurora Vargas, Pansequito , El Pinto, Juanito Villar, Remedios Amaya, Rancapino, El Pele, Pastora Galván, Chano Lobato, Chiquetete, Marcos Flores and a long etc … and outside our borders in Le Men Island as soloist and in Singapore and as well In the Martinique Islands with my flamenco painting.