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The first album of Ketama was recorded during 1983 and edited two years later, placing them in the group of the so-called “New Flamencos”, introducing for the first time in the music of Ibero-American roots (less oriented to the blues influences of Pata Negra).

In 1988 Songhai appeared, a flamenco fusion with the African kora of the musician Toumani Diabaté, that had been gestated in 1985 when the group played in London. With this work they obtained certain international recognition, appearing critics in The Times and The International Herald Tribune, and being chosen the disc by the New Musical Express magazine like the best foreign disc of the year.

The greatest success came with De akí a Ketama (1995), recorded live at Cinearte Studios in Madrid, with a selection of their repertoire and the participation, among others, of Antonio Canales, Antonio Vega, Manolo González Heredia (master percussionist and sculptor of figures in ice), Juañares, Las Chamorro and Antonio Flores, who died shortly afterwards.

Subsequently they chained three consecutive years with three albums.

In 2000 Toma Ketama appeared! that, still sounding more flamenco than Konfusión was still receiving influences from pop, blues or Latin music. In this work they would have again with the collaboration of Jorge Drexler.

Three years later, Ketama would resume his career with Dame la Mano, an album that includes influences from hip hop and house, Drexler would collaborate again.

After 14 years, Ketama returns to the stage with a new album.