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Juanito Makandé

Juanito Makandé has carved – since he decided to trace his solo career back in 2006 – not just a successful career as a musician. Also song by song, poem by poem, has won the recognition of the public, press and professionals as one of the most unique artists of our independent scene. “A free singer-songwriter”, as he likes to define himself, with an innate facility to connect with the audience.

Already in his first two recordings, “Sueña” (2006) and “Momentos de alimento” (2011), a Juanito away from that Makandé Radio of his beginnings began his solo journey pointing ways and forms of free music, of an artist who it escaped usual formulas and all easy etiquette.

“The songs that I wrote while flying” (2014), his third album, ratified that independence that Juanito Makandé has always shown: first in financing himself through a successful crowdfunding campaign, the album also became a wealth of authentic hits, able to seduce legions of fans without having to sneak in the classic success lists. There are, since then and for the memory, songs as choral as “La llave”, “Cuchillo por el aire”, “Calores” or that “Niña voladora” that has exceeded in Youtube 15 million views.

Juanito’s next record came to consolidate his status as a star on the national scene. But also in the international. Because “Muerte a los pájaros negros”, published in October 2015 after another successful crowdfunding campaign, called only months later the attention of the prestigious Billboard, which highlighted Juanito Makandé as one of the five Latin artists to follow in the next years. It was the first notice of a national take-off, linking one sold out after another, hanging the “no tickets” sign in countless cities and halls, and filling festivals throughout our geography. But also outside our borders, with applauded concerts in Havana, France and the United Kingdom. And of course, the album was also the umpteenth sample of Juanito’s natural talent to compose unforgettable songs: “Cuando te empecé a querer”, “Kamikaze” or “Tocar las nubes” are already essential part of the sentimental education of a whole generation .

After the break to his solo career for his joint venture with El Canijo de Jerez, that Strictin that also led him to tour the map of the festivals of Spain wasting energy in abundance, Juanito decided to take a break and concentrate on lighting his next job. Overwhelmed by the success of his last years and ready to reconnect with himself, Juanito retired to the island of Mallorca, to create “El habitante de la tarde roja” (2018).