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Grandson of the guitar player Jose Fernandez El Brujo and son of the flamenco singer and guitar player Pepin Fernandez, Jose Mari performs for the first time in front of an audience at 9 years old, playing the guitar and singing in a small school choir.

Years later, he joins another local choir with a similar role: guitar playing and singing. After dropping out the choir, he starts a new stage more addressed to humor, presenting and participating to several events organized in his surroundings.

In April 1995 he forms, together with three mates, the group “Duende y Compas”, which performs in various places in the Seville area. After a short career, that same year the group breaks up and Jose Mari joins the band “Canaliega”, formed by 5 girls and 5 boys, with a music style similar to “Siempre Asi”, having a wide number of shows all over Spain and performing at the Cruzcampo Pavillion of Isla Magica all along 1996. He will stay in this band for three years.

In 1998 he moves to Costa Brava where, accompanied only by his guitar, Jose Mari plays for several hotels and clubs, performing a repertoire that goes from boleros and rumbas to pop and flamenco-fusion.

In 1999 he takes part of the band “Los Majarones”, with which he records two albums that achieve a discrete success in the radio broadcasting and get him to tour across America, Europe and Morocco.

In 2002 Jose Mari leaves the band and starts another stage on his own, where he performs in many clubs and theatres of the Peninsula and Balearic Islands.

In 2003 he forms with two other members the group “A NUESTRO AIRE” that, after a while, becomes a duo named “DANDO LA CARA”.

In 2007, after uncounted shows nation-wide plus some performances abroad, the duo releases “De que vas”, the first album of the group and the third of Jose Mari’s career, that obtains a good success among the audience and where the duo plays different styles of rumba, from pop to salsa, as well as a more classic rumba and some ballads.

In 2010 they release a new record, this time under the label Fods Records.

During the summer of 2011, he starts a new solo Project named “SI TU SUPIERAS”, with the aim of amuse and entertain his public, or at least a good part of it, that has been following him for years.

Currently he continues his solo career and is known by most of the public as JOSEMARI. He keeps a tight working agenda and is involved in several projects and bands.