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Since 2008 she won the contest in “Se Llama Copla” on Canal Sur TV; she has earned the credibility of the media, critics and peers as Miguel Poveda and Dorantes participating in her new album.

In her new show, Joana Jiménez puts music, charisma and the spirit of her voice to serve the viewer with new songs and the first songs known by all in a show of more than 2 hours and 17 songs, wrapped by a group of great musicians who clothe the artist in the deployment of movements, costumes and staging that is only seen in the largest female figures of the Spanish music, the flamenco song in the country. Close and kind, she manages to receive standing ovations from everyone who sees a show that becomes the heir of flamenco in Spain.

Joana Jimenez made the audience stand up the last March 13th in the Häagen-Dazs Calderon Theatre in Madrid and hung up the “No hay entradas” in her March 20th concert at the Teatro Lope de Vega in Seville. Another undeniable success demonstrating the dominance she has on the Spanish song, copla and flamenco in a concert of 2 hours.

She recently served on the jury in the 5th edition of this program, where every week has presented songs from her new album.