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Book Gipsy Kings, Gipsy Kings By André Reyes or a Gipsy Kings tribute band, perfect for your event or for a marketing campaign. Booking flamenco show.

Complement your event or advertising campaign with a concert by Gipsy Kings, Gipsy Kings By André Reyes or a tribute group of the Gipsy Kings, which increases the exclusivity and impact of your event. We take care of everything, ensuring your success.

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the famous Gipsy Kings band! or some of Gipsy Kings tribute bands.

Dance to the rhythm of “Djobi Djoba” and sing “Bamboleo” out loud! We assure you that your event will be perfect!
We have the original Gipsy Kings band or the best tributary bands for your private or public events at the best price.


Six tributes with a lot of musical talent and impressive staging to the last detail that remember the best years of the Gipsy Kings.

Guaranteed success – we travel anywhere we care about our customers and we appreciate your trust, now it’s your turn, move the card so your event is different.

Gipsy Kings Tribute 1

Gipsy Kings Tribute 2

Dando El Cante

Burí Burá

Spanish Gipsy Kings

Booking Gipsy Kings or one of their tribute bands 

The Gipsy King are the greatest exponents of the Spanish flamenco rumba in the world. His music has a particular style, with influences of pop. Many songs of the Gipsy Kings fit in social dances, like salsa and rumba. His music has been described as a place where “flamenco, romaní rhapsody and funk salsa come together”.