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Eva María Garrido was born in Hesse, Germany in 1970 but still a baby her parents moved to their hometown in Granada. Today, Eva Yerbabuena, as she is artistically known, is a Spanish dancer and choreographer known throughout the world of flamenco.

She started dancing at age twelve with Enrique “The Canastero” Angustillas “La Mona” Mariquita and Mario Maya in his homeland before traveling to Sevilla to carry out their drama studies with John Furest and Jesus Dominguez, last step before her departure to Havana (Cuba) to study choreography with Johannes García.

Her leap into the professional world came in 1985 when she began working in the company of Rafael Aguilar for the show “Diquela of the Alhambra”. Then came the actions by the Company Paco Moyano “No”, “A coffee” and “In legend.” There were also collaborations with Javier Latorre, Manolete, Merche Esmeralda and Joaquin Cortes and others.Eva Yerbabuena

After going through all the major venues in the world, in 2001, makes it worthy of the National Dance Prize 2001, an award that places it definitely among the great figures of flamenco dance of all time.

She also obtained awards such as the Flamenco Hoy awards 1999, 2000 and 2001 in the category of best dancer. Time Out Award 2001 in London, and in 2002 won the Giraldillo for Best Dancer in the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla.

Eva has recently been awarded two Nobel Max for the Performing Arts in the categories of Best Dance Artist and Best Dance Performance with “Eva, and bolted.”