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Ecos del Rocio is formed by Juan Manuel, Paco, Jesus and Miguel.

The first beginnings of the group back in the 80’s, when their first work hit the market very much influenced by the style of the author Maestro Oliva and composer Jose Manuel Moya, who were making the Romeros career of la Puebla, for which Ecos del Rocio had to change its way of making Sevillanas to find their own identity which was not difficult because from the group itself comes one of their components, “Miguel Moyares” as author and composer who thereafter marks a new style in the world of Sevillanas.

Los Ecos are simple people, noble and simple capable of becoming for instants the idols of who have them as something owned and then leave the stage to be Juan Manuel, Paco, Jesus and Miguel all over again. In their long journey they have sung for women, men, love, lost love and above all those things that happen on the streets.

In all their albums Juan Manuel, Paco, Jesus and Miguel put the same care and the same enthusiasm as the first.

Ecos del Rocío are here because one day they began to sing for fun and because their beloved audience said yes. In art everything is not due to chance, teamwork Disk Ecos del Rocio Senator and in full communion with the great sovereign people, are the three basic elements to this wonderful story being possible.