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Diana Navarro Ocaña, better known as Diana Navarro, is a Spanish singer. She made herself known with the single Sola, from her first album, entitled No te olvides de mí (2005), for which she received the Ondas award for the best revelation artist of 2005. She is known for fusing traditional genres such as flamenco and copla with arabic, oriental, classical rhythms, etc.

Thanks to her first work, she got a double platinum album with more than 200,000 copies sold, more than 120 concerts, Latin Grammy nomination as “Revelation Artist”, Ondas Awards as “Revelation Artist”, Canal Sur Audience Award 2005, 2006 Cadena Dial Award, nominated for the Music Awards in six candidatures, as well as proclaimer of the Málaga fair and Malagueña of the year by different associations in her hometown. In 2006 a special edition appeared that included CD + DVD with instrumental versions of some songs and a remix of Sola. In addition to Sola’s music videos, No te olvides de mi and Ea.

In 2012, Diana Navarro presented a new album entitled “Género Chica”, in this album Diana Navarro offers us her particular vision of a musical genre such as Zarzuela, and with which Diana closes a trilogy on research and fusion of some of our music with more roots. This project started with her album Camino Verde (Copla), she continued with his previous work of Flamenco and now she closes with this Género Chica (Zarzuela), a genre that even being before the other two includes everything at the same time, the similarity in lyrics, melodies and harmonies, which together with the greatness of sound and a symphonic and lyrical production concept thanks to the musical mastery and direction of Miguel Angel Collado, which together with the excellent selection of fragments of the main Zarzuelas as Tango de la Menegilda (from the zarzuela La Gran Vía), The Tarantula (from the zarzuela La Tempranica), Carceleras (from the zarzuela Zebedeo), Romanza de Rosa (from the zarzuela El Rey que Rabió), Guajiras (from the zarzuela La Revoltosa) or La Paloma (from the zarzuela El Barberillo de Lavapiés) among others, presents this new album as something unique and unimaginable.

In 2013 she offered us with her album “LA ESENCIA”, a journey through the career of this universal artist, with unpublished content and DVD.

“Resilience” can be said to be her most risky and personal work, from an artist in constant evolution, where she has composed the vast majority of songs and has surrounded herself with the greatest musicians of the current scene. Finally, we can again enjoy new songs from one of the voices that have marked a before and after the music of our country.