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DECAI debuted discographically in 2005 by the hand of Vale Music, which released their first album Y eso es lo que hay, with which they achieved great national success, reaching the Gold Record in physical sale and reaching more than 200 concerts in two years of uninterrupted tour throughout the Spanish geography. An overwhelming success that was triggered by her explosive first single “I would make a house for you”, which went around half the world until it became a classic that is still alive today in people’s memory.

His second studio album entitled Aires Nuevos was published in 2007 in the wake of his first hits, songs arrived with which they confirmed that they had come to stay: “Only I Have Ojitos Pa Ti”, his single from this new work sounded in the main radio stations, and after him, “Morena”, another of the songs that gave them the most satisfaction at the sales level.

DECAI published in 2008 the third of their albums, Baila Morena, with which they covered songs by prestigious artists from the Latin scene. The result surprised everyone with his particular way of combining his flamenco style with rhythmic reggaeton bases. The first single “Ella y Yo”, the popular original song by Aventura y Don Omar, reinterpreted in the purest DECAI style, achieved unprecedented success, both on radio charts and on all dance floors. “Ella y Yo” received four Platinum Records for its digital download sales. DECAI was awarded the prestigious Amigo Award, awarded by the music producers association, Promusicae. And that same year they offered more than 100 concerts.

Their fourth album El Tren Pasa Una Vez, released in 2010, contained some of the most important songs of their discography, among others, “Tú Díselo”, “Me Encantaría” and, above all, the version they made of “El Alma En Pie ”, one of the first great successes of David Bisbal. The digital sales of this new production also shot up, reaching the Gold Record.

In 2012 DECAI’s artistic career received a decisive boost for its future by signing for the Roster Music company. The letter of introduction in her new record company was the launch of a hit, “Noche de Sexo”, a version of the success of Aventura and Wisin & Yandel, with which the trio from Cádiz surpasses a million and a half views on YouTube.

Success by success, DECAI continues to consolidate its artistic career, adding new record projects that always achieve public recognition. In February 2014, the group launched its new production, “Cositas de Amor”. A song that exceeds 2 million views on YouTube. That same year, they returned to the stage with a new live show, making a new tour of more than 30 concerts throughout the national territory.

The year 2015 was very special for DECAI as it coincided with the celebration of 10 years since the publication of their first album. A first decade of professional journey that they began to celebrate at the beginning of the year as best they know, editing the song “Dame”, with more than 1.5 million views on YouTube. To this first presentation single of the Tenth Anniversary was added the hiring of more than 30 new performances throughout Spain. And in October 2015, “Crecer en tus armas” was released, the second single from this new production with which they commemorated these ten years of success. An anniversary that lasted throughout 2016, in which DECAI toured the entire country, alternating the promotion of this new commemorative project, with a concert tour that exceeded 64 shows.

In April 2016, DECAI launched “Ella Es”, a production at the height of its trajectory, with very current rhythms, produced by Juanma Leal and backed by a careful video clip, which already exceeds 11 million reproductions.

“Siento Miedo” was published in June 2017. The song was composed by the group from Cádiz in collaboration with Kalyl Santos (Uruguayan composer), and produced by Rodolfo Castillo and Efraín González at the prestigious Castle Recording Studios (Miami, Florida, USA). )

“Siento Miedo” is a perfect fusion of the latest Latin urban sounds and flamenco textures, which have been DECAI’s hallmark throughout its career.

In May 2018 DECAI publishes “Que Caprichoso es el Amor” a song in the purest DECAI style that in the end would become one of her favorite songs.

Currently DECAI are immersed in the creation of their new single, which will be released during the first half of 2019 and which will bear the unmistakable signature of the group from Cádiz.

On November 1, DECAI collaborates with Kiko Rivera on the single “Amor Prohibido”, a song that fuses the style of Isabel Pantoja’s son, who bets on Latin rhythms, with the characteristic sound of the trio from Cádiz, which has been triumphing for fifteen years. Also, ‘Amor Prohibido’.