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Azúcar Moreno is a Spanish musical duo formed by the sisters Toñi and Encarna Salazar, born both in Badajoz and descendants of a family of musicians. In 1984 they recorded their first disc titled With the honey in the lips and in 1986 Stimulate me. After the world in the world of the song, in 1988 they published Peach Meat. In 1990 they represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest of Zagreb (Antigua Yugoslavia) with the subject Bandido, finishing in the fifth position.

His performance in Eurovision is recorded by the production of the technical fault most sounded in the history of the contest. The pre-recorded sound track with percussions and basic rhythms, which synchronized with the live orchestra, was late due to the error of a Yugoslav television operator, which caused the duo to leave a scene when the sound was not ready and that The orchestra could not be synchronized when the sound began to be heard with the tape already started. Azúcar Moreno managed to get out of trouble by going backstage. After the seconds they prepared the music, they began the orchestra and they returned to leave the stage, without problems.

The fifth position with the song Bandido catapulted the sisters to the top of the lists of Spanish and international sales. During the years 1990 and until now they have continued to publish some works with which they obtained sounds like once, Amen, Mambo, Bésame or Olé.

On November 27, 2007 the duo announced their temporary withdrawal from the music, while Encarna Salazar underwent chemotherapy treatment due to cancer. After overcoming the cancer and after a long season of success Encarna announces in a television program that the pair separates temporally by causes not only professionals, and that Antonia will undertake its race alone while its sister recovers totally. In September 2009 they publicly reconciled in the television program of Antena 3, Where are you heart?

In May 2009 Encarna Salazar releases his solo album. Boleros, copla and flamenco accompanied this new project of the mayor of the group. Disenchanting that counted on some collaborations of luxury like the one of Jose Mercé or Tomatito. The only one that presents is the song Pa ‘the regrets.

In January 2010 Toñi Salazar presented his candidacy to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song La caña de España, preview of his solo album work which will see the light on May 25 of the same year under the name of Zero Sugar produced by Alejandro Ruiz.