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Agustín Barajas

Agustin Barajas (dancer / choreographer) was born in Granada in summer 88. Since he was a child, he was attracted by dance and interpretation. Being 8 years old, he entered the Flamencology chair “Mariquilla”, which he considers one of his teachers. Shortly and after being a pupil, Mariquilla counted with this young student for its flamenco show that was depicted in a mostly known grenadine room, while he combined with his other artistic feat – advertising model and presenter on local television.

When he was fourteen, he managed a remarkable gap within that company, and Tatiana Garrido counted with him as first dancer, performing several tours in countries such as Venezuela, Panama, Peru, Colombia (Latin America tour), Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Jerusalem, Lebanon (Middle East tour), Casablanca, Rabat (Morocco tour) and other Spanish cities. On his way of dancing he reflects the spell of Granada and his passage through the zambras, the opportunity that gave him Curro Albayzin.

His formation was enlarged by the hands of professional dancers and choreographers as Antonio Canales, Ruben Olmo, Javier Barón, Manolo Marin or Manuel Betanzos, among other masters of dance, as well as by receiving formation by the Andalusian Dance Center, where he also developed his actoral and theatrical side.

His Spanish representation, being only 11 years old, in the international “Bravo Bravissimo” competition held in Milan; his being Grenadian representative of dance in the competition “Desencaja”, as well as several festivals, “Eraklio Dance” in Athens, or the “Cultures” in Morocco are very significant in his career. It is also important his participation in the Madrid Choreography Competition 2012 with his play “In my Lethargy”.

He presented his first solo show at the World Expo Shanghai carrying out more than 50 performances and re-act for the closing of the Pavilion of Spain.

Nowadays, he is dancer and choreographer of the succesful show “Se llama Copla” in Canal Sur (Spanish Channel), thanks to which he is the living image of young Andalusians talents, while he is also touring with his new show “Entre Copla y Flamenco” and “A Mi Aire”.